Why Is My AC Making a Weird Noise?

Why Is My AC Making a Weird Noise?

Enjoying your summer here in Springfield gets a little tricky when your air conditioning (AC) system suddenly makes a noise you’ve never heard before.

Instead of planning a day trip to enjoy the warm weather, now you’re stuck dealing with a potential air conditioning problem—in the heat of summer!

Hearing an unusual noise coming from your air conditioner can be frustrating, but our MB Heating & Cooling professionals are prepared to assist you—give us a call! We wouldn’t want your AC to break down on a hot summer day here in Illinois, so be sure to reach out after you first hear a strange sound and suspect a problem.

In the meantime, here are a few reasons why your AC might be making some unusual noises:

  • Banging

Your air conditioning system may make a banging noise if you have an unbalanced blower, motor problem, or damage to your compressor. In any of these scenarios, you will need to contact one of our professionals to repair the faulty or broken component.

  • Buzzing

A buzzing sound coming from your air conditioner could mean the fan blades in your outdoor unit are not working correctly. This sound could also indicate you have an electrical issue—something you’ll want to address right away.

  • Clicking

Some air conditioners make a clicking sound when they operate, but if your system doesn’t usually make this sound, and then you hear continuous clicking, there could be a problem. Our experts can determine if the issue is with your thermostat or a cooling component and get your air conditioning system running efficiently again.

  • Humming

If your AC doesn’t usually make a humming sound, and then you hear it doing so, an electrical issue could be the culprit. You’ll want our professionals to evaluate the problem and take care of it for you.

  • Squealing

An unusual squealing, screeching, or squeaking noise could mean your blower fan motor is damaged or not working correctly. Our cooling professionals can inspect your system and correct any issues to ensure it is working as designed.

Sign Up for Our Maintenance Service Agreement

Catch problems before they start or have the opportunity to progress into more severe issues by opting for routine maintenance. Our maintenance services will keep your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system operating efficiently. We even offer a maintenance service agreement program, so you can take advantage of several additional benefits that come along with annual performance tune-ups, such as priority service, cleanings, labor warranty, and discounts on replacement parts and repair labor. Don’t miss out—speak with one of our experts today to sign up.

To Repair or Replace?

We know how inconvenient and uncomfortable it can be dealing with a malfunctioning air conditioner—especially when it breaks down completely.

It sometimes makes more sense to opt for a replacement. You could reduce your energy usage and save up to 40 percent on your cooling costs when you upgrade an air conditioning system that is even just 10 years old, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE).

Our team is committed to providing high-quality service so whether your system can be repaired or requires a full replacement, we will handle it for you so all you have to worry about is relaxing at home.

Need Help Diagnosing Your Air Conditioning Problem? Contact Our Experts

Don’t stress over the air conditioning system in your Springfield, IL, home—leave it to our MB Heating & Cooling professionals to fix the problem! We will perform a thorough inspection and address any issues to ensure your indoor comfort is ideal. Call us today at 217-544-4328 or request service online.

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