Water Heaters

Upgrade your Water Heater with MB Heating & Cooling

Few household inconveniences rival the frustration of a broken or outdated water heater. At MB Heating & Cooling, we understand the hassles and discomfort that can arise when your hot water supply is compromised. As the premier plumbing company in Central Illinois, we are dedicated to alleviating these inconveniences and equipping your home with a reliable and efficient water heating system. Our reputation is built upon a foundation of excellence and customer satisfaction. When you choose MB Heating & Cooling, you’re selecting a team that provides fast and friendly service and a deep understanding of the critical role hot water plays in your daily life. We offer installation, replacement and repair services for tank and tankless water heaters. To combat the stress caused by unexpected water heater breakdowns, we offer 24/7 emergency services. Contact us for any of your water heater needs and experience why we have been homeowners’ trusted source for plumbing repairs since 1986.

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Water Heater Installation

Whether replacing an old unit or installing a new one, having skilled professionals handle the installation process can make a significant difference in your water heater’s performance, efficiency, and longevity. Water heaters are complex appliances that require precise installation to function optimally and safely. A professional installation is key to making sure the unit operates efficiently and reduces the risk of potential issues, such as leaks, improper connections, and inefficient heating. By choosing experienced technicians for your water heater installation, you’re investing in your system’s long-term reliability and effectiveness. Every home has unique hot water requirements based on factors such as family size, usage patterns, and preferences. Our NATE-certified technicians can recommend the best water heater for your home, whether a traditional tank model or a modern tankless system, guaranteeing that it meets your household’s hot water demands.

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When You Should Replace Your Water Heater

Recognizing the signs of a water heater that needs replacement is essential to prevent potential issues and disruptions. When the signs point to the need for a new water heater, it’s important to entrust the replacement to skilled professionals. MB Heating & Cooling specializes in water heater replacement services, guaranteeing a perfect installation that meets your household’s hot water needs. Our experienced technicians are equipped to assess your current system, recommend the appropriate replacement unit, and perform the installation precisely. Here are some common indicators that it’s time to consider replacing your water heater:

Age of the Unit

Water heaters don’t last forever. Tank models last 10-15 years and tankless models last over 20 years. With age, they lose efficiency, leading to energy waste and decreased performance.

Rusty or Discolored Water

Discolored water from faucets may indicate corrosion in the water tank, which harms water quality and endangers the tank’s structure, creating the risk of leaks and water damage.

Tank Leaks

Water leaks around the heater or near the unit indicate the need for replacement. Leaks from the tank itself are typically irreparable and can lead to extensive damage if left unaddressed.

Inadequate Performance

If your water heater is no longer providing consistently hot water or the water temperature fluctuates unpredictably, it could be a sign of a failing heating element or thermostat.

Water Heater Repair

A properly functioning water heater is essential for daily household tasks providing the comfort of hot water for bathing, cleaning, and other activities. Even the most reliable water heaters can experience issues over time. When the water that usually flows easily and in abundance starts to become slower than usual, it could indicate a problem with the water heater. If the water from your faucets starts to become brown and murky in color or has a foul smell, it may be a sign of corrosion or bacterial growth within the tank supply. If you’re hearing strange popping, cracking, or rumbling that usually means there is possible sediment buildup or mineral deposits in your tank. Another common warning sign of repair is leaking or fluctuating hot water around your tank.  Leaking can originate from valves, pipes or even the tank itself. Inconsistent hot water could indicate issues with the heating element or thermostat.

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Water Heater Maintenance

Safeguarding the smooth operation of your water heater is essential for the comfort and convenience of your home. Our team goes the extra mile to provide reliable water heater maintenance that keeps your system running efficiently and prevents potential problems from escalating. We understand the value of preventive maintenance, so we offer maintenance service agreements to keep your water heater in optimal condition. These agreements provide exceptional value by offsetting the costs of labor, parts, and routine service calls. By enrolling you guarantee the longevity and performance of your water heater and can rest assured knowing that you’re covered in case of unexpected problems. We will also send you timely reminders, such as text notifications when it’s time for a tune-up or the air filter needs to be changed. This approach eliminates guesswork and makes certain that your water heater receives the attention it needs at the right time.

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Making the Right Choice for Your Water Heater

Tank or Tankless

When it comes to selecting the right water heater for your home, it’s important to weigh the options and consider the costs and benefits associated with different types. While each type has advantages, the decision ultimately depends on your household’s needs, budget, and preferences. At MB Heating & Cooling, we offer competitive pricing, flexible financing options, and warranties to ensure you make the right choice for your water heater.  Here’s a breakdown of the choices:

Electric Tank Water Heater
  • Lower installation cost.
  • Higher operational expenses due to energy consumption.
  • Suitable for smaller households with lower hot water demands.
Gas Tank Water Heater
  • Slightly higher installation cost compared to electric tanked water heaters.
  • Lower operational expenses due to the use of natural gas.
  • Ideal for homes with higher hot water demands and larger families.
Tankless Water Heater
  • Higher upfront investment.
  • Offers the best return on investment by heating water on demand.
  • Occupies less space and eliminates the risk of tank-related issues.
  • Perfect for energy-conscious homeowners seeking long-term savings.