Everything You Need to Know About Toilets

If the home is a castle, we all know where the throne sits!

Few rooms in a home are more important than your bathroom. Efficient, reliable plumbing is essential here, or you will quickly run into problems. A broken toilet puts your bathroom out of commission, which can be a mere hassle or even worse in a one-bathroom residence.

Fortunately, our licensed and insured plumbing experts at MB Heating and Cooling can fix any problem related to bathroom plumbing in Central Illinois. We take a lot of pride in being the hometown team that offers premium services at fair prices.

Our company specializes in plumbing projects, electrical work, along with  heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) jobs. We enjoy an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), thanks in part to the helpful feedback we receive from our valued customers. Call us today to see how we can help!

Choose the Top Bathroom Plumbing Company in Central Illinois

MB Heating and Cooling puts a lot of stock into hiring the best candidates and compensating them well so they can become leaders with our company. We invest heavily in training and purchasing industry-approved, cutting-edge equipment that gets the job done right.

We believe in offering trusted service at a fair price so that you can count on us whenever you need help with a home project—including your toilet.

Toilet Installation or Replacement

Installing a new toilet adds value to your home and can significantly lower your monthly water consumption. Older toilets require up to six gallons of water to perform one flush, while newer low-flow models use as little as 1.28 gallons!

Not all older toilets look attractive, leaving many homeowners to upgrade their toilets for cosmetic reasons. New toilet profiles and finishes complement modern bathrooms in a way older fixtures cannot.

If you’re tired of looking at that old, outdated toilet, a simple toilet upgrade makes all the difference!

Let our Professionals Install Your Next Toilet

When upgrading toilets throughout your home, don’t risk damage or water leaks that undo your efforts. Toilet installation can be a daunting do-it-yourself (DIY) project with a lot of room for error.

You might have to deal with rotting floorboards or loose tiles during installation. Why take the risk? Trust MB’s plumbing services for toilet replacement, repair, and installation in Springfield, IL.

Toilet Repairs in Illinois

Here are a few warning signs that indicate a problem is looming with your toilet. If you notice any of these issues, call us before the fixture breaks entirely:

  • Frequent toilet clogs
  • Tank or bowl doesn’t refill after a flush
  • Standing water around the toilet base
  • Toilet constantly runs
  • Unable to flush
  • Gurgling noises from the toilet
  • One toilet flush isn’t enough to clear the bowl

Our plumbers will assess your entire bathroom plumbing to pinpoint any issue at hand and make accurate repairs that deliver lasting performance improvements. Schedule an appointment today for a free consultation.

Bathroom Plumbing Maintenance

Scheduling routine maintenance service calls with MB Heating and Cooling can lower your monthly operating expenses while helping to prevent a costly repair. During a scheduled visit, our plumbing professionals will inspect your drainage system, test the seals around each fixture to ensure tightness, check each toilet, and inspect the pipes for any signs of wear and tear.

We encourage all our customers to sign up for a maintenance service agreement that offsets the cost of repairs, parts, labor, tune-ups, and other services. You can join these plans for a low monthly fee and then relax, knowing you have a trusted professional watching over your plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems.

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Every bathroom could use a little TLC occasionally. Our plumbers at MB Heating and Cooling have the training and tools to handle all your Springfield, IL, plumbing projects, large and small. Call us today at 217-544-4328 or request service online to schedule your next appointment!

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