Heat Pumps


  The Amazing Power of Heat Pumps

Are you ready to switch your Central Illinois home or business over to a heat pump?

Heat pumps are much more energy-efficient than conventional  heating, ventilation, and air conditioning  (HVAC) systems. The US Environmental Protection Agency recognizes geothermal heat pumps as the cleanest and most cost-effective source for heating and cooling buildings. Unlike a furnace, they transfer energy rather than generating it.

Heat pumps offer both heating and cooling. They can do the job of your air conditioner and furnace here in Taylorville.

The IRS allows deductions on the purchase and installation of eligible heat pump models. You not only lower your energy costs with a heat pump, but you can also apply for tax credits.

Our team at MB Heating and Cooling can help recommend the best heat pump for your property, and our experts will install it so that it provides comfort and cost-savings for years to come. When it comes to premium service at affordable prices, you can count on the hometown team to get the job done right.

If you’re looking to help the planet and protect our natural resources for the next generation, consider a heat pump.

Why Heat Pumps Are Becoming More Popular in Illinois

Heat pumps are becoming quite popular in homes across the country—and for good reason! Not only are these systems extremely efficient and effective, but they’re also capable of providing year-round comfort with just the flip of a switch. We can’t think of many reasons why you wouldn’t want to consider heat pumps as the HVAC system in your home.

When you hire our team of HVAC specialists at MB Heating and Cooling, you can expect:

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  • Quality results

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How Do They Work?

Heat pumps transfer energy. In the winter, they absorb whatever warmth they can harvest and use a heat exchanger to transfer the heat into your home. A quality heat pump can operate in practically any climate.

If you’re worried about staying warm on the coldest of days, you can always pair your heat pump with a conventional furnace. Run the heat pump on moderate winter days, and then switch on the gas furnace to warm you up on those arctic-like days!

During the summer, the heat pump works like an air conditioner—removing heat and humidity from your indoor air and cycling the chilled air back through your ductwork. You can also create a ductless system using a heat pump—a surefire method to improve your indoor air quality (IAQ)!

Heat Pump Installation and Replacement in Central Illinois

Our installation team is the best in the entire state. We invest heavily in our people and our equipment to deliver unsurpassed comfort at a fair price. Our team works with all major brands and understands how to retrofit equipment into older homes and existing buildings.

Heat Pump Repairs

MB Heating and Cooling is a licensed, bonded, and insured company that enjoys an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We offer 24/7 emergency repair services and we guarantee our work.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Be sure to sign up for our maintenance service agreement to keep your HVAC equipment running at optimal efficiency. Our maintenance team will check the heat exchanger, blower, refrigerant lines, and other components to ensure your system operates at full capacity.

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