Solar Panel Installation

Solar Paneling Installation and Repair

Are you building a new home and want to make it more eco-friendly?

Do you want to retrofit your historic home in Lincoln with solar paneling?

MB Heating and Cooling can help!

MB Heating and Cooling is one of the top solar paneling companies in Illinois, with years of experience and expertise in the industry. We provide innovative and practical solutions to keep your home comfortable, safe, and efficient. Call us today for a free consultation.

Solar energy can add more power to your home to help operate your heat pump, water heater, and other electric appliances. It’s a smart investment with a relatively fast payback period.

Solar Panel Installation

Our team of licensed professionals can install, replace, repair, and maintain solar paneling for your Lincoln home or business. Go with a company that understands these systems and has years of experience working with this technology.

To begin the process, our team of experts will:

Analyze your home’s energy efficiency.

Evaluate your solar potential.

Estimate your solar electricity needs.

The cost of a solar system typically depends on the number of panels necessary to meet your needs. MB Heating and Cooling can help you transition to solar energy. We can determine how many panels you’ll need based on your electricity bills over the past 12 months.

Electricity usage, not the square footage of your roof, will ultimately determine how many panels you need.

Is your roof appropriate for solar? The age of your roof, orientation, and slope will also determine the number of panels. Solar panels tend to last up to 30 years—if you are ready to replace your roof, combining the two projects makes sense.

Is your Lincoln property surrounded by large shady trees? If your roof hides in the shade most of the day, it is possible to install them in other areas of your home that have maximum exposure to sunlight.

Will solar panels damage my roof?

No. We guarantee our installations will not cause any leaks or other damage to your roof.


What kind of maintenance do solar panels require?

Solar panels have no moving parts, so hardly any maintenance is required. We recommend an annual inspection to clean the panels and check for loose connections. But otherwise, the panels should operate efficiently for decades.

Solar Panel Repairs

These panels are resistant to the worst weather. On the rare occasion you experience a problem, give us a call. Our certified repair team will provide an accurate, upfront quote before we begin any work.

Here are the most common solar panel repair issues we encounter:

Cracked or damaged panels—Don’t wait to repair or replace a damaged panel. You risk allowing water or debris to seep into the system, leading to further issues.

Wiring damage—Our Springfield electricians will address the problem right away.

Circuit breaker trips—Grounding issues or problems with the circuit breaker itself usually cause this issue.

Inverter issues—The power inverter converts direct current (DC) from your solar panels into alternating current (AC). A drop in power could stem from a broken power inverter.

Internal corrosion—This issue occurs when moisture finds its way into a panel. Annual inspections minimize this problem.

You will find that solar panels are easy to maintain and rarely have repair problems. If something needs adjusting, MB Heating and Cooling has a team ready to help at a moment’s notice!

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