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Why Are Sump Pumps Important?

If your Taylorville, IL, home has a crawl space or basement, having a reliable sump pump is probably a good idea!

When groundwater levels rise during periods of heavy rain or melting snow, water naturally moves to the lowest point around it. As crawl spaces and basements sit below ground level, they are prone to dampness and flooding.

Sump pumps deliver protection against water damage. Our professionals will find the lowest point in your basement or crawl space to create a sump pit that collects water. The sump pump switches on when water levels reach a certain point in the sump pit, directing the water away from your home through its drain lines.

The Importance of Sump Pumps

Flooding in basements and crawl spaces causes extensive damage for Central Illinois homeowners—a sump pump is an efficient tool to mitigate this risk and protect your home.

If you don’t have a sump pump in your Taylorville home and are tired of mopping up water in your basement, our local plumbing experts at MB Heating and Cooling  can install your new sump pump. Our licensed and bonded professionals will get the job done correctly to keep your home dry and comfortable.

Signs Your Sump Pump Is Not Working

Here are some early warning signs to recognize your sump pump needs repair or replacement:

  • Rattling or grinding noises indicate worn bearings or damage to the impeller.
  • Excessive vibrations are also a sign of impeller damage.
  • Sump pumps tend to break down more if left unused—if it rarely runs, you may need to replace it earlier than planned.
  • Float switch malfunctions cause constant running, which wears out the sump pump.
  • Irregular cycling indicates wiring malfunctions or an improperly positioned float switch.
  • When a sump pump runs for long periods, it’s a sign the unit doesn’t have the horsepower required to manage water volume or drainage distance.

Sump Pump Installation in Central Illinois

Generally, you shouldn’t need to replace the sump pump in your home until the existing one reaches its rated service life. However, it is important to keep up with maintenance to ensure the system works for as long as possible and give our service professional a chance to catch any looming issues.

Don’t risk flooding or water damage in your Illinois home—turn to MB Heating and Cooling for quality sump pump repair and replacement services in Central Illinois. If your existing sump pump starts failing, contact us today for repairs or to get a new unit in place to protect your home.

MB Heating and Cooling is your one-stop-shop for all of your home’s plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) needs. Book your appointment today for a free consultation.

Quality Sump Pump Repair in MB Heating and Cooling

As with all mechanical equipment, sump pumps sometimes break down. If your sump pump starts acting up, rest assured that our highly skilled plumbers in Taylorville, IL, can repair all makes and models quickly and affordably.

MB Heating and Cooling offers 24/7 emergency repairs, extended warranties, and competitive financing options. We know exactly how these systems operate—you can count on our team to fix the problem.

Sump Pump Maintenance

A routine inspection can uncover minor issues that, if left neglected, can quickly escalate into a costly repair. Avoid repair headaches by signing up for a maintenance service agreement. These plans offset the cost of labor, repairs, parts, and tune-ups. They give you peace of mind knowing a trusted professional is watching over your plumbing system. We’ll even send out reminders!

Be sure to book an appointment today to learn more about our maintenance agreements for your Taylorville home.

Call Your Sump Pump Experts Today

Water collecting in the basement of your Taylorville, IL, home can lead to mold and even structural problems. Eliminate the dampness with a new sump pump. Call MB Heating and Cooling at 217-544-4328 or request service online to learn more about our plumbing services and sump pumps.


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