Boiler Repairs

Technician repairing combi Gas Boiler

Boilers are efficient, reliable, and durable—but like any machine with moving parts, they can break down.

With a boiler, the pumps or electrical components will likely fail first when something does go wrong. Strange noises, such as a banging or gurgling sound, also indicate a possible issue that could require service.

If you detect an issue with your boiler, give us a call right away. Our repair experts at MB Heating and Cooling work with all major brands of boilers and other  heating, ventilation, and air conditioning  (HVAC) equipment. We’re a licensed, insured, and bonded company that can promise you top-notch service in Central Illinois.

Boiler Repairs in Lincoln

If your boiler breaks down, call MB Heating and Cooling to schedule a repair for your home or business in Lincoln, IL. Then, take these steps to stay warm until we get your boiler back in action:

  • Preserve the heat already in your home by keeping doors, windows, and window coverings shut. Use a rolled-up towel or blanket to block drafty exterior doors.
  • Throw on an extra sweater or cover up with a blanket to help your body keep its natural heat close.
  • When using temporary heating, such as a portable space heater, follow all safety rules.

Calling any company for repairs can be stressful—at MB Heating and Cooling, we provide free consultations and accurate, upfront pricing to remove some of that stress.

We offer 24/7 emergency repair services to be there when you need us. We also promise never to replace a part unless necessary or if we can demonstrate significant cost savings.

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You can trust our repair team at MB Heating and Cooling to figure out the issue and the best solution for your home or business in Lincoln, IL. Give us a call today at 217-544-4328 or request service online.


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