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Electrician installing GFI plug in kitchen.

 Electrical Outlet Installation Installation Services in Taylorville, IL

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Signs You Need New Outlets Installed

Have you ever felt like you don’t have enough electrical outlets in some rooms of your Illinois home? Or perhaps you want to install new outlets in more convenient locations.

Though it might at first seem like a minor issue, not having electricity where you want it can make redecorating or rearranging your home a real hassle—limiting where you are can put your electrical devices. New outlet installation solves these common household problems and others, including safety issues.

Additional signs you need new electrical outlets installed in your Central Illinois home include:

  • You rely on power cords to plug in electrical devices.
  • You use outlet expanders because there are not enough outlets.
  • Your outlets are not 3-pronged.
  • There are scorch marks or soot around the outlet.
  • An outlet stops working.
  • Plugs do not fit snugly into outlets.
  • Outlets spark when you insert a plug.
  • Outlets are hot to the touch.
  • Power flickers when outlets are in use.

Work with a company you can trust. Transparency is our main driver at MB Heating and Cooling—we always provide accurate upfront quotes before we start any job. We build trust by creating informed customers. Schedule an appointment online for a free consultation.

GFCI Outlet Installation

Did you know that not all Taylorville, Illinois, household outlets are created equally? It’s true!

Ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets work to prevent electric shocks. They detect when electricity flows out and starts to enter the body and cut off power almost instantaneously.

GFCI outlets are a great safety option to consider in households with small children. The National Electrical Code specifies GFCI outlet installation by licensed Taylorville, Illinois, electricians in specific areas throughout the home:

  • All bathroom outlets must be GFCI.
  • In kitchens, any outlet within six feet of a sink or serving countertop space must be GFCI.
  • In laundry rooms, outlets within six feet of a sink’s outside edge must be GFCI.

If any of your outlets are not up to code—or you want to increase the safety of your outlets and install a GFCI outlet in place of an existing one—give MB Heating and Cooling a call today.

Outdoor Waterproof Outlet Installation

Per the National Electric Code, almost all outdoor outlets must be GFCI. Weatherproof covers need to be installed to protect the outdoor GFCI from moisture. Outdoor waterproof outlet installation helps Taylorville homeowners protect their electrical system against moisture intrusion while still having the ability to use the outlet when it’s raining.

If your weatherproof cover broke off of your outlet, or if you need a new waterproof outlet altogether, give the experts at MB Heating and Cooling a call today.

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