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At MB Heating & Cooling, we pride ourselves on being the best furnace installers in the entire Lincoln region.

We understand the importance of installing something right so that it works for years and years. We know how critical it is to find the right locations to install your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment for you to get the best value out of your investment. We know to avoid any shortcuts that might lead to a loose part or rattling noise down the road.

We do things the right way at MB Heating & Cooling. And if something doesn’t turn out right because of our work, we fix it for free.

Furnace Installation and Replacement in Central Illinois

Installing a furnace is a significant investment for Central Illinois homeowners. You expect the best for your money and your family.

There is a wide range of equipment options on the market, but we believe the powerful, energy-efficient systems made by Bryant are the best solutions for your residential or commercial needs. MB Heating & Cooling is a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer that installs genuine Bryant furnace systems.

As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, our trained team of professionals participates in specialized programs to ensure every Bryant furnace installation is done right. We know these systems through and through and are happy to help you determine which solution is the right fit for your Lincoln home.

When you hire us, we offer:

  • Accurate, upfront pricing
  • Same-day friendly service
  • 100 percent guarantees on our work
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • 24/7 emergency repair service

Most furnaces will run reliably for 12-15 years. At that point, the repairs outweigh the benefits. Investing in a new furnace will lower your monthly energy bills, add more comfort to your home, and improve your indoor air quality (IAQ).

It adds value to your property and warmth to your household. It’s a smart move to make.

How Long Does Furnace Installation Take?

For a skilled HVAC installer—and depending on the size of the unit—placing a new furnace system in service takes anywhere from 4 to 10 hours.

Simple and straightforward furnace installation projects take about half a day. When additional work is needed to accommodate the new installation, such as ductwork services or complicated removal of existing equipment, the job takes a few hours longer.

Availability is sometimes an issue—you are better off installing a furnace in the spring or summer than in the dead of winter!

How Do You Know When to Replace a Furnace?

When does furnace replacement make sense? It is a tricky determination for any homeowner to make. It’s not as if these systems have a definite expiration date.

As such, we have to examine various factors that provide clues as to the right time for furnace replacement. Are your energy bills going up? Are you always checking the thermostat to see if the heat is on?

We can’t decide for you, but we can share some factors that play into a furnace’s service life. We evaluate your furnace in these areas and develop a better idea of when to replace it. Some of those determinations include:


The average gas furnace is expected to last 15 to 20 years. Electric furnaces offer an average service life of 20 to 30 years. This life expectancy is often used as a starting point to help decide when to replace furnace equipment.


How you care for your system over its lifetime plays a role in how long it lasts. If you skip annual maintenance and don’t change filters regularly, your furnace may fail before it reaches life expectancy. When proper maintenance is performed, your furnace’s service life may exceed the upper limit of its service range.

These factors help you estimate how long a furnace will last. When deciding to repair or replace, take a look at:

Frequent repairs

Has the system required several repairs over the past few years? An increase in repairs often means the furnace is very close to the end of its service life.

Cost of repairs

When facing major repair needs, replacement may be a better solution. If the repair is equal to half or more than half of the price of a new furnace, homeowners should invest in a replacement.

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