Air Conditioning Repair


Picture this: a hot day outdoors in Springfield and your cooling system quits on you.

Bye, bye, happiness. Hello, mugginess.

If you know your air conditioner (AC) needs repair, call MB Heating and Cooling. We’re a trusted name in residential and commercial AC repair in Central Illinois. Sangamon County residents have invited us to their homes and offices over the years, confident we’ll solve their cooling problems with the utmost efficiency, quality, and personalized service.

Air Conditioner Repairs in Springfield

Excellent technical work is not the sole reason why we’ve earned the trust of the community. Our NATE-certified technicians are known for their courteous, professional, and disciplined work process.

We take a lot of pride in guaranteeing unsurpassed service with great results at a reasonable price. We keep our work area and your home neat, clean, and organized at all times. Our company will always leave your HVAC areas spotless after we finish the job.

What to Do When You Need Home Air Conditioning Repair?

Ignoring likely repair issues because your system still runs does not help your HVAC system. Take the same approach as you would with your vehicle—fix that rattling noise or other minor issue before you find yourself spending more on a bigger problem.

MB Heating and Cooling is always available, providing 24/7 emergency repair service. We always put our customers first—our certified technicians use the finest, cutting-edge industry tools to achieve the best results. Book an appointment today and start on your way to better indoor comfort.

The Most Common Signs of a Broken AC Unit

When HVAC systems need attention, they display some common traits that tell you it’s time to call a service technician. Knowing what these signs are can avoid more extensive and expensive problems down the road:

  • The air conditioner isn’t producing enough cool air for your home
  • Not much cool air blows from your vents
  • When a cooling cycle starts, it quickly shuts down
  • Your air conditioner makes unexpected noises during operation
  • You experience temperature fluctuations throughout the home
  • Your energy bills are higher, but you can’t explain why
  • You notice the air quality in your home start to worsen

If you happen to notice any of these signs, book an appointment and have us take a look.

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