Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan.

If you live in an older, stately, Central Illinois home, built long before you were born, it probably has ceiling fans.

Back in the days before air conditioning, ceiling fans were all the rage.

They are still popular today! Ceiling fans not only help circulate the air, but they add a little character to a room. You have dozens of features to choose from, including lighting options, fan speed, blade size, and occupancy sensors.

If you want to install some ceiling fans or swap out a few older ones, our licensed electricians are here to help and get the job done right. MB Heating and Cooling is your trusted source in Springfield for all your electrical, plumbing services, along with your  heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.

Installing Your Next Ceiling Fan in Central Illinois

You tell us the ceiling fan model you want and show us where to install it—we take care of the rest. Our masterful installation experts will do the job right so you can safely enjoy your ceiling fan for years to come.

We always provide honest, upfront quotes before we start the job. We also explain the work to avoid any surprises. We build trust by creating informed customers. Schedule an appointment online today for a free consultation!

How Do Ceiling Fans Work?

While it may feel like a fan produces cooling, it does not. Instead, ceiling fans create a gentle breeze that moves air over your skin. In the summertime, this wind chill effect helps cool you down. In the winter, fans keep heated air circulating and prevent heat from pooling at the ceiling as it rises.

  • You may wonder if the blades are spinning in the right direction—it depends. During the hot summer months, your fan needs to rotate counterclockwise to push the airflow downward. Change the setting to reverse the blade direction and run it clockwise in the winter to draw in the colder air and push down the warmer air that naturally rises.
  • When you leave a ceiling fan on in an unoccupied room, it’s just a waste of electricity. Someone has to be in the room to feel the circulating air because the fan itself doesn’t add any heating or cooling to the space.
  • Lowering the thermostat a few degrees when you turn on the fan in the summer will help reduce your energy bills.
  • If you ever saw a wobbly fan, it’s because the blades are out of balance. While the fan is unlikely to fall out of the ceiling, who wants to look at a wobbly fan?
  • Bigger blades do a better job when it comes to pushing the airflow. At the same time, avoid installing a monster ceiling fan that dwarfs the rest of the room!

Contact us online today to have our professionals fix your older fan or replace it with a new model. MB Heating and Cooling is a licensed, insured, and bonded company. Check out our 5-star Google reviews and our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

What Rooms Should Have a Ceiling Fan Installed?

Ceiling fans can be installed in pretty much any room of your Springfield, Illinois, home, as long as there is enough space to accommodate the installation. Any room where people spend time can benefit from ceiling fan installation.

Consider the type of room and its size when choosing a fan for professional ceiling fan installation. Larger rooms require fans with wider blades and more wiring than smaller spaces. Different blade materials affect the noise level of ceiling fan operation.

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