Lincoln, IL, Wiring Installation and Upgrades

If you live in an older home, create a safer environment for you and your loved ones—consider upgrading the electrical wiring.

Worn, frayed wires can create a fire risk and a potentially deadly situation. Our licensed electricians will upgrade your entire system so that you can enjoy more power, along with safety.

MB Heating and Cooling is a trusted source for all your electrical and plumbing systems, along with your  heating, ventilation, and air conditioning  (HVAC) equipment. We specialize in whole-house solutions to upgrade your comfort, safety, and health. We look at all your home comfort equipment to ensure all the pieces integrate and complement each other to give you the best results.

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Signs Your Lincoln Home or Business Need Wiring Upgrades

Wiring upgrades are necessary for Lincoln homes for several reasons—but safety is always the top priority. While wiring upgrades are often routinely performed to accommodate additional outlets and new appliances, the need becomes more urgent when home wiring displays the following problem signs:

  • Your home has older aluminum wiring
  • Wiring has become loose
  • Wiring insulation is damaged
  • Wires are bent or frayed
  • There are burn marks around outlets and switches
  • Outlets and switches are hot to the touch
  • You feel an electric shock when touching appliances
  • Pests have caused wiring damage
  • Lights around the house dim when in use
  • Burning odors in the home
  • Smoke coming from outlets
  • Unexplained popping or buzzing noises
  • Breakers trip/fuses blow frequently
  • You have ungrounded outlets

Every scheduled visit with our team allows us to check all the fixtures, outlets, and lighting in your home. We’ll offer recommendations on how you can curtail your energy use and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Benefits of Whole-House Wiring Upgrade

A whole-house wiring upgrade eliminates the dangers of electric shocks and home fires posed by faulty electrical wiring. Allow our team to remove the old wiring from your Lincoln home and replace it with new wiring.

Along with safety improvements, wiring upgrades help homeowners make better use of their electrical systems. Wiring upgrades allow for the addition of new plugs in more convenient locations throughout your home. New wiring makes it easier to add new appliances or new features added through a home renovation project.

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