Why Are Sump Pumps Important?

Why Are Sump Pumps Important?

It’s mildly amusing to meet someone from the South who isn’t used to basements. Here in Illinois, they are a way of life. Your basement could simply be a storage space. Or, maybe it’s a home bar, a sports-watching hangout, a music practice area, extra bedroom – the possibilities are endless. 

But our underground sanctuaries owe a lot of thanks to Karl Niedermeyer, a U.S. Navy electrician who invented the sump pump in 1946.

Sump pumps are a critical safeguard, keeping your basement dry. This protects your valuables from water damage, such as your air conditioner, heat pump, furnace or other electrical appliances. It also boosts your indoor air quality (IAQ) by discouraging mildew and mold growth. 

Around 60% of U.S. residents have wet basements, according to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) That’s why sump pump maintenance a must for Springfield homeowners. Additionally, if you notice any sump pump issues, don’t hesitate to request a repair from your MB Heating & Cooling specialist. 

Basement Flooding

So, what causes basement flooding? Certain weather events may come to mind, like heavy rain or melting snow – which are both correct answers. However, flooding can occur year-round, even on the driest Springfield days. 

That’s because tons of water sources surround your basement – groundwater, piping and sewers. If any of these nearby systems fail due to backups or bursts, the water may end up in your basement. 

How Your Sump Pump Works

The lowest area of your basement has a sump pit, a hole about 30 inches deep. It typically contains an insert that can hold up to 26 gallons of water. The sump pump sits either inside it or next to it. 

Once its sensors detect that the water level reached an unsafe height, the sump pump powers on. From there, it expels the water to a proper location outside your basement, at least 20 feet away. 

How To Protect Your Basement from Flooding

When it comes to preventing basement flooding, the sump pump is your best friend. That’s why it’s important to watch out for issues like: 

  • Power shortages
  • An undersized or oversized pump
  • A pump that never stops running (usually due to a jammed switch)
  • Frozen or clogged discharge lines
  • An old or defective pump

Since sump pumps spend most of their time idle, you might not notice problems until it’s too late. If you schedule a yearly maintenance visit, your MB Heating & Cooling specialist can assess your sump pump. He or she can lubricate the bearings, remove excess debris, check the power connections, and make recommendations based on its condition. Just one short visit yearly can protect your basement from preventable water damage or mold growth. 

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