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Looking for Springfield, IL plumbing contractors you can depend on? Look no further than the plumbers at MB Heating and Cooling. Our Springfield plumbers can take care of any interior or exterior plumbing problem you may be facing. From new water heaters, sump pumps, and garbage disposals to fixing a leaky faucet or running toilet, our experienced plumbers can solve your plumbing issues quickly.

MB Heating & Cooling | Water Leak

Water Leak Repair

Professional leak repair stops water waste and prevents further water damage to your home

Water Heater Service

Gain a reliable hot water source for all hot water applications throughout your home

MB Heating & Cooling | Water Heater Service

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Sump Pump Service

Manage groundwater around your foundation, avoid flooding and protect your home against water damage

Sewer Line Cleaning

Restore proper drainage and waste elimination with proper care and cleaning for your sewer line

Leak Detection

Uncover hidden water leaks to prevent water damage and preserve your home’s plumbing system

Toilet Service

Improve performance and conserve more water at home with expert toilet repairs and service

Fixture Service

Plumbing fixtures add style and functionality, so protect their integrity with professional services

Garbage Disposal Service

Garbage disposal installation offers convenient waste disposal, right from your kitchen sink