Springfield, IL Main Panel Service

Electrical service improves system safety and meets the electrical demands of your modern home

How Your Electric Main Panel Works

The main electrical panel in your Springfield, IL, or central Illinois area home controls power to the home’s electrical system. Also referred to as a service panel, it serves as a switchboard for the various circuits that run throughout the home.

Your electrical panel receives incoming power from your electric utility provider. Inside the panel are various circuit breakers or fuses, which control the many circuits that run through rooms and areas to power connected devices, systems, and appliances. When circuit breakers are on, the service panel distributes appropriate voltage to the circuit to power its needs. If circuit breakers are tripped or have been turned off, the panel does not allow any voltage to travel through that circuit.

If you need to shut off power to your whole Springfield home, the main electrical panel is where you are able to do so. There is a main circuit breaker within the service panel that can be turned off. If you turn off the main circuit breaker, this only cuts power to the home – it does not stop incoming power from the utility provider.

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Signs My Main Panel Needs Upgraded

Most commonly, the main electrical panel needs to be replaced because a higher level of Springfield, IL, electrical service is required. Springfield, Illinois, homes need main electrical panel upgrades for a variety of reasons, including:

  • You have an older model panel that uses fuses instead of circuit breakers – these were common prior to the 1970s when homes didn’t require as much power as modern households.
  • Your current panel doesn’t provide enough power to meet your household’s electrical demands. Depending on your household’s demands, an upgrade to 100-amp or 200-amp electrical service may be appropriate.
  • Frequent circuit breaker tripping is another sign that your household electrical demand is too much for your panel to handle, and service needs to be upgraded.
  • If you plan to expand your home’s electrical system, adding new outlets or appliances, you are likely to need a new panel and greater electrical service to power these additional needs.

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For main electrical panel upgrades, trust MB Heating & Cooling for safe and effective solutions.

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