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Ensure your safety when electrical systems and fixtures are in use at home with a professional repair service you can trust!

Electrical Repair Services We Offer

MB Heating & Cooling performs comprehensive electrical service repairs for homeowners across the central Illinois area. Our licensed electricians in Springfield, IL  are available to diagnose the causes of malfunctions in your home’s electrical system and its fixtures and components. Safety is our top concern next to your satisfaction with our work. We follow all code standards to best ensure your safety following the completion of any electrical repair service at home.

Whenever you need electrical repair service at home, call us for quick, reliable and safe service. Our licensed electricians do a great job of making repairs that improve electrical component performance and efficiency, ultimately to enhance your convenience and safety at home.

Highly Skilled and Licensed Electricians

Take a look around at all the appliances and electronics you use every day. The microwave, washer and dryer, computer, air conditioner, TV – the list goes on. You depend on electricity for these things to work, but electrical power is easy to take for granted. You flip a switch, and the lights come on. You plug in an appliance, and it works. But what if one day you see sparks flying or no power? Just think about how many times you use the switches and electrical outlets in your home daily.

If you deal with flickering lighting, tripping circuit breakers, loose light switches or outlets that feel warm to the touch, these are signs that your home electrical system isn’t working as it should. There may be a serious problem requiring immediate attention.

To prevent fires or electrocution, trust the certified electricians at MB Heating & Cooling for basic wiring and electrical repair service for your light switches, outlets and fixtures. From ceiling fans to new outlet installation, we can solve any electrical issue your house may face.

Emergency Electrical Repairs

Major home electrical repairs don’t wait for a convenient time. Whether you’ve detected a burning or acrid smell coming from electrical outlets and wiring, or your electrical panel is hot, or any other major power issue, you need an expert to diagnose the issue quickly. Whatever you do, don’t attempt to fix it yourself! You could end up starting an electrical fire or getting shocked. Call MB Heating & Cooling right away and we’ll get an emergency electrician out to you to replace or repair, quickly.

MB Heating & Cooling | Electrical Wall Outlet


When electrical outlets stop working, our Springfield, IL electricians find the problem to implement new solutions or install new replacements. Properly functioning outlets keep you safe and allow proper powering of your household devices.


Switch malfunctions create inconveniences and sometimes even dangers. We remedy switch issues to restore function of your lighting fixtures and other switch-controlled electrical devices throughout the home.

MB Heating & Cooling | Switches
MB Heating & Cooling | Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers

If you have malfunctioning circuit breakers at home, we perform thorough diagnostics to find the root of the issue. From there, appropriate electrical repairs or replacements are performed and testing to verify safety once the job is complete.


Damaged wiring is a serious fire hazard that requires immediate professional attention. Springfield, IL home wiring repairs are done safely to remedy dangerous hazards in your home and to protect the electrical system from further damage.

MB Heating & Cooling | Wiring
MB Heating & Cooling | Fuse Box

Fuse Box

If fuses constantly blow, we highly recommend a fuse box repair service that will find and correct the source of the problem to prevent recurrence. You are able to use your electrical devices throughout the home without annoying disruptions.

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