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Boiler Repair and Installation Service in Springfield, IL

While many think of boilers as an outdated heating option found in older homes, modern technology has allowed for the development of highly efficient residential boiler systems! MB Heating & Cooling proudly offers comprehensive services for your home boiler system, from installation to repair and maintenance service. If you need boiler repair or installation in Springfield, Illinois, contact us today.

How Often Do You Need Boiler Maintenance?

Boiler heating systems require professional maintenance each year. It’s smart practice to schedule annual boiler maintenance during the late summer months – your boiler receives the inspection and care it needs to operate safely and efficiently when it’s time to use it.

Ensure your residential boiler receives the professional care it needs to operate efficiently and keep your family warm come winter. Sign up for a Service Agreement with MB Heating & Cooling and your maintenance tune up is covered, plus one for your cooling system as well as other valuable benefits and savings!

Our Boiler Product Offerings


Preferred™ 84 Boiler Model BW3 | MB Heating and Cooling

Preferred™ 84 Boiler

Product #BW3


Preferred™ Series Modulating Gas Boiler | MB Heating and Cooling

Preferred™ Series Modulating Gas Boiler

Product #BWM


Preferred™ 90 Boiler Model BW9 | MB Heating and Cooling

Preferred™ 90 Boiler

Product #BW9

What Happens When Your Boiler Stops Working?

Boiler breakdowns require quick attention from a qualified professional for many reasons. If your boiler breaks down in the midst of winter, your home won’t have heat, which creates great discomfort and potentially dangerous situations. 

If your boiler breaks down, call MB Heating & Cooling to schedule Springfield, IL heating service. Then, take these steps to stay warm until we get your boiler back in action:

  • Preserve the heat already in your home by keeping doors, windows and window coverings shut. Use a rolled-up towel or blanket to block drafty exterior doors.
  • Throw on an extra sweater or cover up with a blanket to help your body keep its natural heat close.
  • When using temporary heating, such as a space heater, follow all safety rules and only use these devices when a room is occupied and with adult supervision.

Why Trust MB Heating & Cooling for Boiler Service

MB Heating & Cooling provides dedicated boiler care and installation throughout the central Illinois area. Our experience and technical expertise in working with these specialized systems allow us to deliver quality results on any boiler project.

Trust MB Heating & Cooling for Your Boiler Service

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