Holiday Plumbing and Electrical Safety Tips

Image of someone with their feet up on a furnace/window. Holiday Plumbing and Electrical Safety Tips.

The holidays are here, and everybody is filled with extra cheer!

Enjoy the festivities—but don’t compromise on safety.

MB Heating & Cooling wants to share the safest plumbing and electrical practices so that you can focus on the eggnog and not a sparking light switch or clogged drain in your Springfield home.

Take the appropriate precautions and enjoy this special time of the year in Illinois—and don’t forget, we are here to help! We have the solutions and can address any of your plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) needs. Call us!

Plumbing Safety Tips

Some holiday plumbing safety tips to keep in mind include:

  • Dont dump all the leftovers down your garbage disposal: Not all foods are garbage disposal-friendly! If you scrape food off your plates directly into your garbage disposal or dump your leftover food down there, you risk clogging or damaging it. Avoid putting rice, pasta, bones, eggshells, oils, and nonfood items like paper or plastic down your garbage disposal.
  • Space out showers if you have guests: If you anticipate family or friends staying over for the holidays, be sure to space out your showers. This will help ensure everybody gets a nice, warm shower, and gives your drains enough time to clear.
  • Have a drain snake on hand: Nobody wants a clogged sink, shower, or toilet, but it happens. Don’t let a clog ruin your holiday plans—be prepared with a drain snake so you can take care of the issue when it occurs.
  • Know when to call the professionals: Sometimes, it is best to leave plumbing issues to our MB Heating & Cooling professionals. Don’t make your holiday harder than it has to be. Call our experts—we will reach out and offer our assistance as soon as possible!

Electrical Safety Tips

Be sure to follow these main electrical safety tips for the holidays:

  • Check your holiday lights for any signs of damage: Holiday lights with cracked or broken sockets, loose or visible wiring, or faulty connections can pose a hazard. Toss them and consider a safer alternative like LED lights. These run much cooler than incandescent lights and even use less power, which means your electric bill won’t be as high.
  • Be careful not to overload any outlets: Don’t plug all your holiday lights, decorations, and appliances into the same outlet. Plugging too many electrical devices into the same outlet can cause damage and increase the risk of a fire.
  • Use extension cords properly: Extension cords are responsible for over 3,300 electrical fires in the United States each year, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Don’t be a victim of an electrical fire—take the appropriate precautions to protect yourself and your Illinois home.
     Check if your extension cords are rated for outdoor use before using them outside. Read all instructions and warnings to prevent misuse.
  • Only connect up to three strings of incandescent lights: Connecting more than three strings of incandescent holiday lights could blow a fuse and poses a fire hazard. Limit the number of lights you connect.
  • Turn off or unplug your lights and decorations before going to sleep or leaving your home: You can never be careful enough. Turn off your holiday lights and unplug electrical equipment whenever you leave home. You can benefit from doing this before you go to sleep or leave the room too.

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