Springfield, IL, Surge Protector Installation

Safeguard your electrical system and sensitive electronics from damaging power spikes with surge protection.

Benefits of Whole House Surge Protector Installation

Commonly associated with storms, electricity surges happen for a number of other reasons as well. In fact, a lightning strike isn’t the most common cause of a power surge – most surges originate inside your home, when appliances and devices draw excess current.

When a power surge travels through your electrical system, all its components and anything plugged in may be negatively impacted by excessive voltage. A whole home surge protector helps prevent excessive electrical current from traveling through your system and damaging your electronics and electrical components.

Have you ever thought about how many devices in your home are plugged into electrical outlets that are susceptible to power surges? Appliances, computers, smartphones, gaming systems, televisions – none of these items come cheap. A power surge has the potential to render these items useless. You could be out thousands of dollars in replacement costs resulting from a single surge if your home isn’t properly protected. Whole house surge protectors provide an added layer of protection to prevent such a loss from taking place. Protect your electronics and appliances by calling the electricians at MB Heating & Cooling for whole house surge protector installation in Springfield, IL.

How Does a Surge Protector Work?

A whole home surge protector is installed at your home’s electrical service box to provide coverage for the entire electrical system and everything connected to it. When a power surge is detected, the whole home surge protector is able to block excessive current from traveling through your electrical system. Excess current is diverted into the ground via the surge protector’s grounding connection.

Whole home surge protectors provide an important layer of coverage beyond what protectors plugged into outlets are able to do. Most of your home’s most important and expensive appliances, like heating and cooling systems, cannot use plug-in surge protection, nor is your wiring able to use such a solution. While it is OK to use plug-in protectors for added protection, a whole home surge protector should be chosen as your main line of defense against electricity surge damage.

The certified Springfield, IL, electricians at MB Heating & Cooling offer professional whole home surge protector installation. Contact us today to learn more about this important device and how it safeguards your electrical system.

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