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Uncover hidden water leaks to prevent water damage and preserve your home’s plumbing system

Signs You Have a Pipe Leak

Leaks in plumbing lines are commonly difficult to detect because the pipes run through areas of the home that prevent you from taking a quick look. Typically, homeowners have to rely on other clues that indicate pipe leaks.

The following symptoms are all possible signs of a pipe leak:

  • Water stains on walls and ceilings
  • Damage to flooring
  • Paint and wallcovering discoloration
  • Consistent musty, mildew smells
  • Mold growth
  • Higher water bills
  • Running water meter when water is off
  • Wet spots

Call MB Heating & Cooling to locate hidden pipe leaks and perform fast repairs to stop extensive water damage in your home.

Signs Your Slab Is Leaking Water

Slab leaks occur when the copper water lines underneath your home form a leak. They may occur on your foundation’s pressure side or its drainage side, though drainage side leaks are usually harder to spot. Even when identified early, slab leaks typically cause a great deal of damage, such as foundation collapse. 

Because the pipes are buried and the signs of a slab leak are difficult to spot, they often go unnoticed for long periods. Be diligent and watch for these signs of a hidden slab leak:

  • Sudden water bill increases
  • You hear running water when no water is being used
  • Mold or mildew forms under carpeting
  • Standing water around your home’s exterior
  • Very low water pressure
  • Warm floorboards
  • Damp floorboards
  • Baseboard or wall cracks
  • Mold growth problems and odors

The signs of a slab leak are cause for immediate attention. Call MB Heating & Cooling for assistance. We use advanced detection equipment to monitor sound and pressure, as well as visualize underground pipes to assess damage in order to diagnose slab leaks.

Water Leak Prevention Service

Avoid the hefty damage caused by hidden water leaks in or under your home with water leak prevention service from MB Heating & Cooling. We install leak detection and water monitoring equipment in your home to collect water use information and provide regular monitoring of this data to spot the signs of hidden water leaks early on. These findings allow us to alert you to potential problems and know when to perform an inspection of your plumbing system.

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