Springfield, IL HVAC Zone Control

Give everyone in your home the freedom to enjoy individual comfort control with zoning

How Does a Zoned Heating and Air Conditioning System Work?

A typical central heating and cooling system delivers one temperature across the entire home – your thermostat settings tell your Springfield furnace or air conditioner what to do, and that’s what the entire home receives. But, not every area of your home has the same needs, and not everyone in your home has the same comfort preferences.

Zoning systems work with new and existing heating and cooling system to essentially divide up your home and provide each space with individual comfort control. Zones are created and equipped with their own thermostat for HVAC system control. Dampers are installed within your duct system so heating and cooling can be increased or decreased in one area without affecting the rest of the home.

Benefits of HVAC Zoning

Now that you know how HVAC zoning works, it’s easy to see that the individual comfort control it provides is a major benefit. However, this capability produces so many more advantages for users! With a zoning system installed with new HVAC equipment or retrofit to work with your existing system, your household benefits from:

  • Less energy waste. With one temperature delivered across the home in a standard system, energy is wasted because not all areas need additional heating or cooling at the time to stay comfortable. With zoning, energy is only used to adjust temperatures in certain zones, while other zones that don’t need it are not forced to receive it anyway.
  • Increased savings. With less energy waste comes higher savings on utility bills. Homeowners save an average of 15 to 30 percent on heating and cooling costs when effective zoning systems are installed and properly used.
  • Flexibility in heating and cooling. Not all areas of a single home are created equally. Construction methods, area usage and more affect how much heating and cooling an area needs to stay comfortable. With zoning, you are able to account for these unique factors to deliver precision comfort for every area.

Can You Add Zones to an Existing HVAC System?

Yes! Zoning systems can be retrofit to work with existing HVAC equipment – you don’t have to buy a new furnace or air conditioner to take advantage of this beneficial HVAC technology! MB Heating & Cooling’s NATE-certified technicians help you explore options for zoning existing heating and cooling systems and install the equipment you need without additional investment in brand new units.

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