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When Should I Replace My Heat Pump?

No central Illinois homeowner wants to waste time and money replacing their heat pump system before they need to. While it’s best to replace the system before it fully breaks down and leaves you without a heating and cooling source, finding the right replacement point is a personal decision.

These factors may help you determine if now is the right time to replace your heat pump:


Heat pumps can be expected to last between 10 to 20 years. A poorly maintained, heavily used system is probably going to be on the low end or below it. A well cared for heat pump that had help from other HVAC system types over the years will probably last longer.


Advancements in technology continually deliver more efficient heat pump systems for use in the home. Older systems lose efficiency as time goes on, and may not ever have been as efficient as today’s new heat pump systems. For those who value energy conservation or who are looking to increase utility savings, trading in the old heat pump for a new one provides desired rewards over time.

Right-Sized System

If your heat pump just isn’t able to keep your home comfortable but repairs aren’t the issue, you may need a different capacity system. Undersized or oversized HVAC units need to be replaced as soon as possible, no matter their age. It’s the only way to correct the comfort disruptions they are notorious for.

Our Heat Pump Product Offerings


Legacy™ Single-Stage Heat Pump | MB Heating and Cooling

Legacy™ Single-Stage Heat Pump

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Evolution® Extreme Variable-Speed Heat Pump | MB Heating and Cooling

Evolution® Extreme Variable-Speed Heat Pump

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Evolution® 2-Stage Heat Pump | MB Heating and Cooling

Evolution® 2-Stage Heat Pump

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How Do You Know If You Have a Bad Heat Pump?

On the other hand, some area homeowners feel more comfortable choosing to install a new heat pump when they see clear issues manifesting in their systems. When you’re not an HVAC pro, it can be difficult to know what signs show that a heat pump is going bad – lucky for you, we detail them and eliminate the guesswork.

Call MB Heating & Cooling to discuss your new heat pump installation options if your existing system causes any of the following issues:

  • Your heat pump needs to be repaired more than a couple times a year. This is a sign that it’s really beyond the help that repair work offers.
  • Your heat pump produces loud grinding noises when operating. In a system designed for minimal friction and resistance, a loud heat pump signals worn down components.
  • Most homeowners choose heat pump systems because of the energy savings they generate – what do you do when your heat pump becomes more expensive to run? Higher energy bills without any other cause, is a tell-tale sign that your heat pump is expending more energy to do its job. Therefore, components are wearing out and it’s becoming wasteful.

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