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Ensure power is available when you need it most to operate essential systems and devices through darkness

Choosing the Right Size Home Generator

Standby generators allow central Illinois homeowners access to backup power when utility services are out. Generators come in various sizes. Their physical size is important when it comes to determining available space for installation, but capacity is what you need to be most concerned with when sizing a new generator.

The right size for your home depends on specific factors including:

  • How often do you experience power outages and how long do they typically last?
  • What systems or devices do you need to power through an outage?
  • How much power do these systems and devices require?

The licensed electricians of MB Heating & Cooling help you determine the right size generator that is capable of powering you through a utility outage. We discuss your needs and find solutions that fit. For a new generator estimate, contact us today.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Standby Generator

For homes with existing standby generators, these units do require replacement over time. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when your generator needs to be replaced, but certain signs clue you in to the approaching need.

  • Actual equipment age isn’t so important when it comes to generator replacement, as these systems are not in regular use. Instead, systems are “aged” based on how many hours they’ve been in service. On average, standby generators last between 10,000 to 30,000 hours depending on the model.
  • Generators require maintenance just like other household systems. If you have neglected generator maintenance, an earlier replacement is more likely.
  • Your generator’s fuel consumption may increase over time, which is an indicator of broken parks or the system wearing out as a whole.
  • If your generator’s power output has started to fluctuate, it’s a sign of malfunctioning components and possible end of service life.
  • When a generator has trouble starting up quickly when backup power is called for, and this problem happens repeatedly, it’s a sign your generator is quickly nearing the end of its service life.
  • When repair needs become more frequent, generator replacement can save you the trouble and expense.

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