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Professional Garage Heater Installation

Work and relax comfortably in your central Illinois garage year-round with professional garage heater installation from MB Heating & Cooling! A dedicated heating unit that serves your garage is controlled independently of your home’s main HVAC system – use it when you need, and eliminate energy waste when you don’t.

Garage heating doesn’t just offer comfort, it delivers added protection for your home during the cold winter months. In unheated garages, plumbing pipes and appliances that run through the space are more prone to freezing, especially when the overhead door is opened. Heating your garage also works to prevent frozen pipes along with the inconvenience and possible water damage that result.

MB Heating & Cooling offers options for homeowners who wish to add a heating source to their attached or detached garage. These solutions may also be appropriate for use in pole barns, shop buildings, sheds and other buildings on your property that need heating. Explore solutions for garage heating today – give us a call!

What Type of Heater Is Best for a Garage?

There are a number of portable options for garage heating, but they’re not as efficient or as effective as dedicated HVAC solutions. MB Heating & Cooling offers multiple solutions and equipment types for garage heaters:

  • Electric garage heaters utilize electric heating coils to warm air and a blower fan to disperse warm air throughout the space.
  • Gas garage heaters burn fuel and utilize a heat exchanger to warm air, which is circulated by the unit’s fan. These heaters require proper venting for safety.
  • Ductless splits provide heating to a garage with a dedicated air handler installed within the space to supply warmth and is connected to an outdoor heat pump unit. They also provide a cooling option for garages.

Each of these garage heaters offer flexible installation, and equipment can be mounted on the floor or wall. Your installation location options may be more limited with a gas garage heater, as venting is required.

Garage Heater Repair and Maintenance Service

Garage heaters need maintenance too in order to preserve good performance! Have your garage heater professionally serviced once per year – twice if you use a ductless split for cooling, too – to keep it running at its best. MB Heating & Cooling is able to handle your garage heater maintenance needs. If you experience performance issues or a breakdown with your garage heater, call MB Heating & Cooling for garage heater repair. Our NATE-certified technicians assess your equipment to find the source of the malfunction and make reliable repairs to restore warmth in your garage.

Trust MB Heating & Cooling with Your Garage Heater

To schedule garage heater installation or repair service, please contact us today.

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