Springfield, IL Electrical Outlet Installation

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Signs You Need New Outlets Installed

Have you ever felt like you just don’t have enough electrical outlets in certain rooms of your home? Or maybe the ones you have just aren’t in convenient locations? New outlet installation solves these common household problems and others, including safety issues.

Additional signs you need new electrical outlets installed in your home include:

  • You rely on power cords to plug in electrical devices
  • You use outlet expanders because there are not enough outlets
  • Your outlets are not 3-pronged
  • There are scorch marks or soot around the outlet
  • An outlet stops working
  • Plugs do not fit snugly into outlets
  • Outlets spark when plugs are inserted
  • Outlets are hot to the touch
  • Power flickers when outlets are in use

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GFCI Outlet Installation

Not all household outlets are created equally. Ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets work to prevent electric shocks. They detect when electricity flows out and starts to enter the body and cut off power almost instantaneously.

The National Electric Code specifies GFCI outlet installation by licensed Springfield electricians in certain areas throughout the home.

  • All bathroom outlets must be GFCI
  • In kitchens, any outlet within six feet of a sink or serving countertop spaces must be GFCI
  • In laundry rooms, outlets within six feet of a sink’s outside edge must be GFCI

Outdoor Waterproof Outlet Installation

Per the National Electric Code, almost all outdoor outlets must be GFCI. Weatherproof covers need to be installed to protect the outdoor GFCI from moisture. Outdoor waterproof outlet installation helps homeowners protect against moisture intrusion while still having the ability to use the outlet when it’s raining.

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