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Benefits of Ductless Split Maintenance

Ductless split systems require professional maintenance at the same frequency traditional HVAC systems do. For ductless split heating and cooling systems that utilize a heat pump, service is necessary twice per year – once for heating season and once for cooling season. If you use a ductless split system air conditioner, once per year maintenance is sufficient.

In addition to professional maintenance care, ductless split systems need frequent filter maintenance to maintain good airflow, which improves comfort and energy efficiency. Each indoor air handling unit of a ductless split system is equipped with its own air filter, which is typically reusable.

Reusable filters do need to be cleaned to remove contaminant buildup. How frequently this ductless split maintenance task is needed varies depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation and factors related to your home. On average, about every four to six weeks is the right interval.

Our Ductless Product Offerings


Legacy Line™ Indoor Ductless High Wall Heat Pump Unit Model 40MHHQ | MB Heating and Cooling

Legacy Line™ Indoor Ductless High Wall Heat Pump Unit

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Evolution® Indoor Ductless High Wall Heat Pump Unit

Product #619PHA


Preferred™ Indoor Ductless High Wall Heat Pump Unit Model 619PB | MB Heating and Cooling

Preferred™ Indoor Ductless High Wall Heat Pump Unit

Product #619PB

Signs Your Ductless System Needs Repairs

When ductless split systems need repair, they typically produce signs that alert the homeowner. Those signs aren’t always as obvious as not turning on, so you need to be attentive to spot them early. 

If you notice these common signs, call MB Heating & Cooling for ductless system repair:

  • Unit is unresponsive when you turn it on or off
  • One or multiple air handlers don’t deliver enough warm/cool air
  • An air handler makes a grinding noise as it runs
  • Outdoor unit ices over
  • Fluid leaks from the outdoor unit, drain line or line set
  • It’s become more difficult to keep areas in the home at the desired temperature
  • Your electricity bills are higher than usual with no clear cause

Why Trust MB Heating & Cooling

MB Heating & Cooling’s NATE-certified technicians have the knowledge and skill our central Illinois customers depend upon for quality ductless split system care. We are able to accurately identify system issues and implement appropriate solutions, as well as perform thorough maintenance to preserve your system’s function and efficiency. For ductless split system service, call us today.

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