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Gain zoned cooling with high energy efficiency when you ditch the ducts and choose a ductless air conditioning system

How Do Ductless AC Systems Work?

Ductless AC systems aren’t like traditional forced air cooling systems – no ducts are needed! Instead of a central unit that distributes cooling across the home via ducts, a ductless air conditioner delivers cooling in each area of the home through a dedicated air handler that is linked to an outdoor air conditioner or heat pump. One outdoor unit is able to support multiple indoor air handlers, which allows you to zone cooling and control temperatures in each area, independently of others.

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Advantages of Ductless Air Conditioning Unit

Ductless air conditioning systems offer distinct advantages over traditional forced air central cooling systems, including:

  • The ability to zone cooling and control temperatures across the home independently
  • Improved energy savings and lower utility bills through zoned cooling
  • No energy loss through duct leaks
  • Better air quality
  • A flexible option for homes without ducts or those in need of new ductwork
  • Can be used in addition to central systems to add more cooling in specific areas, or deliver cooling in new additions, sunrooms and other areas not supplied by the main HVAC system
  • The ability to provide zoned heating in addition to cooling
  • Affordable installation
  • Easy to maintain

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