Light Fixture Installation: When to Call a Pro

Many Springfield area homeowners recognize their limitations when it comes to performing electrical work such as installing a light fixture. Due to the inherent nature of electricity, they know they just cannot do it safely. Others may have some electrical experience but underestimate the extent of knowledge and skill needed to safely perform the chosen project.

Some light fixture installation jobs can be a fairly simple electrical project for an experienced DIYer, but others extend beyond what is safe for a homeowner to perform and are best left to licensed professionals.

We understand the pride many take in performing projects around the house, and we also know that online tutorials are readily available these days. Due to the nature of our work, we are acutely aware that inexperience can have severe consequences when electricity is involved. MB Heating & Cooling’s licensed electricians discuss why a professional is typically needed for hanging a light fixture.

Electrical Tasks Typically OK for DIYers

Replacing an old fixture and hanging a new one can entail many different elements, and not every project should be performed DIY style. If you don’t have knowledge of home electrical systems, don’t attempt such jobs.

If you would really like to complete some tasks yourself, the following jobs are fairly low risk, and most homeowners with electrical experience are safe performing them. A word of caution – if ever you feel uncomfortable or unsafe doing an electrical task no matter how simple it seems, stop and call an electrician who has undergone necessary training for safe handling of electrical components in the home.

Most homeowners safely complete electrical tasks including:

  • Replacing fuses in homes with fuse boxes
  • Installing lighting controls to work with existing fixtures, such as a dimmer
  • Ceiling fan and hanging light fixture installation for fixtures purchased at the home improvement store
  • Replacing a standard outlet. Only attempt this if you have knowledge of circuitry, and leave the GFCI outlets to the pros

When to Call the Pros

Installing a new fixture may sound easy, but oftentimes it can be a difficult task. This is where some homeowners find themselves in trouble and stuck in the middle of a project they cannot complete. If your light fixture installation involves more than the most basic swapping out an existing fixture of the same type, hire an electrician. These light fixture installation tasks are ones you certainly should forego:

  • Additional light fixture installation. This goes well beyond the knowledge required to swap out fixtures, as the job requires finding the location of existing wires, running new wires and more.
  • Wiring a fixture to a switch
  • Installing a new switch or outlet for a light fixture
  • Outdoor light fixture installation

Call MB for Electrical Assistance

Risking your health and safety is never worth it when there are licensed professionals ready to assist you. We want to keep you safe while completing the job to your satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule an estimate for your light fixture installation project.

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