Scary Noises & Signs You Need Heating Repair

Unexpected noises and symptoms from heating systems often come as a surprise to homeowners and could spell the need for heating repair. When new sounds arise from your heating equipment that affect performance, contact your HVAC contractor immediately.

Sounds That Are a Signal for Heating Repairs

The steady hum of your furnace or heat pump is so reliable, many of us don’t even notice it. Any new sound that suddenly starts up from the system quickly catches our attention because it is out of the ordinary. Here are a few scary sounds that signal heating repair is needed:

1. Banging When a Heating Cycle Starts

It is typical to notice some minor noise when your heating system kicks on to run a cycle, but usually this sound is so minor that it is just ambient noise because we are used to it. Sometimes, a loud BANG! can be heard when a heating cycle starts, which can be very startling. This is a sign that repairs are likely needed.

A bang at the start of a heating cycle typically indicates a dirty burner. Burners need to be cleaned to prevent gas buildup in the chamber and the damage that results as it continuously ignites.

2. Squealing During the Cycle

A loud squeal is the sound of a worn-out belt or an unlubricated bearing in the blower motor. These issues should be repaired right away to prevent blower failure. Continued operation when malfunctions exist could lead to more significant and expensive repairs.

3. Constant Clicking 

When a clicking noise persists from the system, ignition troubles are often present. Ignitor malfunctions, loose pilot light assemblies, gas valve clogs or improper flame sensor operation are possible causes if the clicking continues and the heating system never starts up.

Signs You May Need Your Heating System Repaired

Strange sounds are one of the most obvious warning signs a heating system can produce indicating the need for repair. But not all system problems speak up – you may have to interpret more subtle signs so you know when to schedule service for your heating system. 

These system clues mean you need repair service:

  • Your heating bill is much higher without the use of new appliances or significant changes in heating use.
  • It takes a long time to get rooms to a comfortable temperature and stay there.
  • Heating feels uneven between different areas of the home.
  • Heating cycles run extremely short, lasting only a minute or two.
  • Air quality inside the home has noticeably declined.
  • Odors like burnt rubber or other burning smells come from the system.

Call MB for Quick, Reliable Heating Repairs

The heating repair signs above don’t have to give you a scare! Simply understand what they’re telling you and make the call for heating repair to eliminate ongoing problems. If your system is making strange noises, schedule service when you call MB Heating & Cooling.

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