Ductless Heating and Cooling for Renovations and Additions

Renovating your home or adding onto it are expensive projects and a serious undertaking. One element you don’t need to worry about blowing your budget or causing delays is with the installation of a ductless mini split system.

Bring indoor comfort to your new or reimagined indoor space without the hassle and expense associated with other HVAC solutions when you choose ductless heating and air conditioning for your Springfield area home. MB Heating & Cooling shares why you need to consider ductless systems before you commit the cost and potential chaos of extending your home’s existing HVAC system.

Ductless Heating and Cooling – Unmatched Flexibility

Why would any Springfield area homeowner want to install a new ductless heating and cooling system into a newly renovated room or home addition when the home already has a perfectly good furnace and air conditioner? If you don’t know much about ductless HVAC systems, it’s easy to assume just that. 

Installing a ductless HVAC system in addition to the home’s existing HVAC equipment is more practical than many realize. Extending an existing central heating and air conditioning system has some critical requirements that are easily overlooked:

  • Is ductwork installation possible? Ducts are often overlooked because they run through parts of a house people don’t usually see – the attic, the basement, the crawlspace. With a new addition, construction may be vastly different than that of the original structure. A new room, for example, may be on a slab instead of a basement, or it may have vaulted ceilings instead of standard ceilings with ample attic space. It isn’t always possible to route ducts through the new area where they need to go. The only option may be to leave ductwork exposed, or install a costly bulkhead that may be as much of an eyesore as exposed ducts! Even if there is an easy route to take the ducts, new ducts are expensive and take time to fabricate and install.
  • Can the existing HVAC system handle the needs of the new space? When done correctly, central HVAC units are sized to meet the specific needs of the spaces they serve upon installation. When you add a room or wing to your home, you add more space – the reason most homeowners choose the project. But that extra space means additional heating and cooling load added to the home that the furnace, air conditioner or heat pump isn’t prepared to accommodate. New, larger capacity heating and cooling units are needed, or you are going to create comfort problems throughout the home, not to mention an unexpected increase in project costs for the equipment upgrades.

While there are many reasons a ductless mini split is preferred for installation in a newly renovated area or new addition, concerns related to existing equipment and infrastructure are enough to show many homeowners that they need an alternative. Ductless mini split systems offer just that – the flexibility to go where your existing system can’t and where your budget may not allow.

Ductless mini split systems can stand alone, providing comfort to the new spaces of the home without any disruption to the existing HVAC system in the residence. With no ducts required, the need for expensive and bulky infrastructure is eliminated. 

Ductless mini splits are easily installed on the wall or within the ceiling of the addition or renovation. A single, small interior air handler sits within the living area and is connected to the outdoor unit. And you don’t have to stop there – a new outdoor unit can be used to connect more air handlers and deliver heating and air conditioning in numerous areas, including those connected to the central air system if in need of supplemental heating or cooling!

Installation is quicker and delivers better comfort control, and each space served by the ductless air conditioning system is in control of comfort without the influence of other sections of the home. Individualized comfort control allows for settings independent of the home’s other areas. The units are energy efficient on their own, but the addition of zoned heating and cooling further increases energy savings!

See What Ductless Heating and Cooling Can Do for You

These key reasons are why so many homeowners in Springfield choose a ductless mini split system when outfitting a new renovation or addition with heating or cooling. Learn more from our HVAC pros who can create ductless comfort solutions to finish out your project – schedule an appointment today.

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