The #1 Brand of Home Backup Generators in Springfield IL

A Generac home backup generator, which is permanently installed, provides automatic protection for your home. It operates using either natural gas or liquid propane (LP) and is positioned outdoors, much like a central air conditioning unit. This backup generator supplies electricity directly to your home’s electrical system, offering support for your entire house or just the most vital appliances.

With its automatic functionality and continuous support around the clock, 365 days a year, from their US-based headquarters, a Generac home backup generator, when installed by MB Heating & Cooling, ensures your peace of mind in an increasingly unpredictable world.

generec pwr cell

Cleaner, Smarter Energy For Your Home

Amidst the mounting concerns of soaring energy expenses and environmental challenges, finding a viable remedy might appear elusive. What you truly require is a comprehensive solution that not only curbs your costs but also fortifies your home’s security while lessening your environmental impact. Enter Generac’s PWRcell, an innovative battery storage system designed to capture solar energy and facilitate a reduction in your electricity costs, all while providing essential backup power during utility outages.

PWRcell adopts groundbreaking technology to capture and stockpile electricity efficiently, sourced either from solar panels or the conventional electrical grid. This ingenious system empowers you to utilize stored energy strategically during peak demand periods when electricity rates are at their highest, ultimately resulting in significant savings on your electric bills. Additionally, PWRcell stands poised to supply your home with backup power should the grid experience an outage, ensuring uninterrupted power availability.


A Honeywell generator offers reliable backup power for your daily life. These backup power systems come in various sizes, capable of supplying energy to your entire household, crucial business circuits, and even your mobile tailgating and recreational devices. Elevate your preparedness with one of the most respected and renowned brands in the realms of comfort and security. Safeguard what’s most important to you with the dependable performance of a Honeywell generator.