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Fill your home with fresh air for better comfort, health and savings on your energy bills

HVAC Ventilator Installation and Replacement Service

MB Heating & Cooling offers ventilators and ventilation system services for homes throughout central Illinois. Our Bryant products expel stale air and bring in fresh, outdoor air, all while helping you retain your heating and cooling energy. Contact our NATE-certified technicians today to learn more.

Stale, stagnant air that is trapped within your living areas negatively affects indoor air quality. Pollutants don’t have a way out, so they stay inside where they create bothersome symptoms for your loved ones.

How Does a HVAC Ventilation System Work?

When running, the energy-recovery (ERV) or heat-recovery ventilation system pulls stale indoor air into the system where it passes over the heat exchanger to extract heat before expelling it outdoors (energy-recovery systems also remove some humidity). The system pulls fresh outdoor air in through the intake, where it absorbs heat (and also moisture in an ERV) before it is moved into your living areas.

Other types of ventilation systems are also used in homes. These are typically exhaust-only systems. You find them in bathrooms for the removal of excess moisture created by hot water use. Kitchen range hoods over cooking surfaces are used to pull out moisture from cooking as well as odors to prevent their accumulation inside the home.

Why Should You Install a Whole-House Ventilation System?

Installation of a whole-house ventilation system is an asset to your comfort and health in numerous ways:

  • Fewer airborne pollutants are around to cause allergy, asthma and health issues because they are regularly exhausted outdoors.
  • Airborne moisture buildup is eliminated to prevent unbalanced relative humidity levels, helping bodies stay comfortable while reducing the risk of moisture issues inside.
  • They help homes conserve energy by extracting heat from air before it is exhausted, preventing a higher heating and cooling load on your HVAC systems to condition incoming air. 
  • Energy conservation helps homeowners lower energy bills while benefiting from fresh air indoors.

Trust MB Heating & Cooling for Your Indoor Ventilation Needs

See how a whole-house ventilation system improves air quality and keeps your home comfortable – call MB Heating & Cooling today.

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