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Eliminate mold growth in your HVAC system and throughout the home with UV light air purifiers

UV Lights Installation and Replacement Service

Mold in the home is a serious problem – it damages the home and exposure can lead to severe health issues among occupants. Unfortunately, conditions inside your HVAC equipment are often ideal for its growth, which creates a challenge for homeowners.

UV light installation provides a way for homeowners to prevent unseen mold growth in the HVAC system and stop its spread throughout the home. MB Heating & Cooling offers new installation services for UV light air purification systems as well as replacement of existing UV lights. Take a stand against mold in your home – contact us today for an installation estimate.

What Do UV Lights Do for Home HVAC Systems?

UV lights protect your HVAC system from mold growth within, which in turn protects your home and family members with improved indoor air quality. UV light air purifiers are installed within your HVAC system, typically at the coils and even in ducts, which are often home to the conditions mold likes best for breeding – warm, moist and dark.

Through the consistent emission of safe UV light energy, airborne mold spores are neutralized as they circulate through the system. This prevents their ability to flow to another area and spread or multiply within the HVAC system. UV lights render mold spores harmless, so you aren’t impacted through exposure. These powerful air purifiers also help keep your heating and cooling equipment cleaner through use, preventing accumulation on coils that cause system inefficiency.

Are UV Lights Worth Installation?

The benefits of UV light installation absolutely make them worth the investment. They are very affordable to purchase and have installed, require little maintenance (only bulb changes every one to three years, depending on model), and use minimal energy to operate. When it comes to protecting your family and home from mold growth and exposure, UV lights are one of the most cost-effective and efficient measures you can take!

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