Heating and Cooling Reduces Allergy Triggers

Allergies create misery for many people throughout the Springfield, Illinois, area. If the great outdoors has you sneezing, wheezing and rubbing your eyes, you need an indoor haven where your triggers do not thrive!

MB Heating & Cooling shares how heating and cooling usage helps you reduce allergy triggers for better comfort. With the right care, your HVAC system helps you out with cleaner air. When you need HVAC help, don’t hesitate to call us for fast and reliable service.

How to Reduce Allergy Triggers Through HVAC

HVAC systems run in Springfield area homes through the majority of the year. If left neglected, this equipment can be the bane of allergy sufferers. But with smart care, heating and cooling use helps you breathe easier and reduce allergy symptoms.

Yearly Heating & Cooling Maintenance

HVAC maintenance tune ups are necessary for many reasons, primarily to protect the equipment and maintain its performance. When you aim to reduce allergy triggers, this critical service offers assistance through cleaning and the removal of contamination. How does HVAC maintenance help?

  • Air filters are changed, improving the filter’s contaminant-trapping power.
  • Dust mites, dirt, pet dander and air pollution are cleaned from equipment cabinets and compartments to prevent recirculation into the home’s living areas.
  • The system’s evaporator coils can be cleaned of mold and microbial growth to prevent the possibility of mold spores circulating into the home.

Filter Upgrades

While we mentioned air filter changes above, another thing you can do to boost your air filter’s ability to reduce allergy triggers is to upgrade filters. Choose a filter with a MERV rating between 8 and 12 for at-home use, which offers increased efficacy at removing smaller particulates. Don’t be tempted to stuff a hospital HEPA filter into your heater though. These powerful air filters are too much for residential systems and can cause  issues.

Pair Your HVAC System with the Right Accessories

While heating and air conditioner equipment by itself can have positive benefits as you aim to reduce allergy triggers, the following systems offer the best relief when combined with indoor air quality solutions such as air cleaners and dehumidifiers.

  • Media air cleaners offer a higher level of filtration than a lone 1-inch furnace filter, no matter its MERV rating. These air filters are highly efficient, multiple inches thick and operate effectively for months on end. Media air cleaners with HEPA filters remove up to 99 percent of airborne particles and common allergens!
  • Dehumidifiers keep moisture levels within a home’s air balanced, despite the rise of outdoor humidity. Less moisture within the indoor air reduces the concentration of allergens and other contaminants for easier breathing and less symptoms.
  • UV light air purifiers are installed within your heating and air conditioning equipment to kill mold growth, bacteria and viruses. These devices also prevent regeneration.

Reduce Allergy Triggers with Help from MB Heating & Cooling

Everyone deserves to exist comfortably within their own homes, but for those with allergies, that’s not always possible. Fortunately, a home’s HVAC system can be used to deliver some relief when paired with the right products and preventative measures that reduce allergy triggers. Learn more today, and seek relief with the help of MB Heating & Cooling. Contact us today!

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